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Exploding in popularity, Furikake is a ubiquitous Japanese condiment. It is famously known for giving Asian dishes a distinct fresh, umami infused flavor. Furikake is often used to season rice, vegetables, sushi and poke bowls.

Traditionally made from salmon, seaweed and egg, we at Watson’s have put our own vegan spin on Furikake with an elevated recipe which pays homage to Japanese cooking as well as to our own Pacific Coast roots. We use a Pacific Ocean kelp called wakame which has a subtly sweet but distinctive and strong flavor and texture. Wakame has many health benefits, including boasting tons of nutrients and is a great source of iodine.

Our vegan Furikake is perfect for sushi, poke or protein bowls, noodles, tofu and even as a delicious replacement for bread crumbs in meatballs or meatless burger patties. Oishi!

*Jars do not come with spice in them. The spices are purchased separately.

Hand wash containers in mild soap and tepid water. The label will stay affixed for months to come.

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