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Ciudad No. 22

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Everyone loves Mexican food. And while the cuisine of Mexico varies greatly from its numerous and diverse regions, the common thread of authentic Mexican fare is a strong reliance on fresh herbs and indigenous spices.

Spices have been a part of the cultural of Mexico for hundreds of years and that love of fresh delicious food remains today.

Proudly rooted in our Mexican heritage, we formulated our Ciudad No. 22 to help make your Mexican dishes come alive. New Mexican guajillo chile flakes and Ancho Chiles combine with zesty red pepper flakes and toasted granulated onion to give subtle heat and richness to any Mexican dish.

It's the perfect way to amp up the flavor of sauces, salsas, soups, beans, rice and BBQ!

Check out our recipes.

*Jars do not come with spice in them. The spices are purchased separately.

Hand wash containers in mild soap and tepid water. The label will stay affixed for months to come.

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